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Longse Held A Grand 2013 Annual Meeting in Pioneer Hotel Xin Tang Town Date: 2014-01-24

In January 23, 2014, Longse grand held the 2013 Annual Meeting in  Pioneer Hotel, Xin Tang Town. Annual meeting with the"boosting Longse the excellent take-off"as the theme, the meeting highlighted a"fly"word, meaning Longse will be put excellent rapid development as a priority in 2014. General Manager Mr. Chen Mingwei delivered a warm New Year's speech, recalled the years of experience and results achieved in 2013, defined the company's plans and objectives in 2014, pointed out the direction of the work on 2014. All the staff of Longse together plan tomorrow with a new target for expectations and vision in 2014.


 General Manager Mr. Chen Mingwei delivered a warm New Year's speech


2013 Longse annual service model


2013 Longse excellent employees


2013 Longse excellent team


At 5 PM, the lights on, the night decayed, Longse 2014 annual dinner wonderful opening, to present a professional acting feast, all kinds of programs, take turns to draw gripping, interactive game full of fun, very bustling, be passion and cheerful atmosphere enveloped the whole conference. In a lively, harmonious atmosphere, Longse 2014 annual meeting be drew a satisfactory full stop, it's obtained better results had a good start for target  “Superior takeoff” in 2014.


Longse Annual Meeting Pictures


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