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Guangdong Public Security and Protection Association Of The third Member Organi Date: 2013-12-25

Guangdong Provincial Public Security and Protection Association was set up on 26th Sept.,2006,aiming at strengthening the regulation in security industry and also safeguarding the legal rights of the security field.The Association through coordinating relations between the members and also regulating the behavior of the members to promote the development of the security technology.Besides, it provides services to its members to maintain a relatively fair competition environment,and it communicate between the members with the government departments to promote health and continual development of the industry. Longse has a strong R&D team,which continually provide creative security products with high quality and new solutions also be recognised by most customers.As the third member of the Association, Longse will further strengthen the role of its influence of the industry ,try persistent efforts to develop more high-quality security products for industry development, also make greater contributions to security and stability of the social .



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